load and unload hive

load and unload hive

\ Windows Commands REG.exe (registry operations, read/write load/unload and more) REG.exe (registry operations, read/write load/unload and more) This is an example of a script which loads a users registery (its not run under the user’s context) and then make a registry change and saves (unloads.

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VBScript: Unload Non-Active User Hives From Registry In Windows 2000 terminal server/citrix environments, it often happens that after users have logged off, their user registry hive doesn’t unload automatically from HKEY_USERS\, which in turn keeps consuming registry space and causes it to go.

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Once mounted, we can use the reg command to load the hive into the live. Finally, we need to unload the registry hive and then commit the.

Loading the System Hive in WinPE (HP Reinstall media).. Unload the EditSOFTWARE hive by highlighting it, then selecting File Unload Hive,

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Because of a shortcoming in the Windows XP registry, a shared printer that you install on one user account does not automatically appear on other user accounts. As a result, each computer user must.

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Loading the hive is unavoidable. Here’s another clue – If I RDP onto the target machine, I see the hive load as the script tells it to, but if I pause the script there I cannot manually unload the hive, it says access is denied, so PowerShell is definitely holding it open. Any further advice would be greatly appreciated.

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